Access to several beaches banned after the discovery of hundreds of pounds of cocaine on the Atlantic coast


In recent days, the ocean carries a curious commodity on the Aquitaine coast … From the Landes to the Vendee, via Arcachon, packages of cocaine were discovered by walkers or police.

763 kilograms already recovered

According to the prosecutor of the Republic of Rennes, at least 763 kilos of cocaine already recovered between the Landes and the estuary of the Loire.

Drugs have also been discovered in Charente-Maritime, on a beach of Tremblade.
In the Gironde, the gendarmes make scouting by helicopter along the coast. Drug was discovered this Sunday, in smaller quantity than the previous days.

In at least four municipalities in Gironde, access to the beach was prohibited by bylaw.

For the moment, these are communes of Lege-Cap-Ferret, Soulac, Naujac, and Lacanau.

Strandings since mid-October?

It could be the same merchandise as that found since mid-October, as revealed by Le Figaro.

And this drug would represent a significant health risk, since the cocaine would be pure to 83% indicates the Figaro, citing analyzes of the Criminal Investigation Institute of the National Gendarmerie (IRCGN).

The Bordeaux prosecutor's office, aware of these discoveries, tells us that the whole affair is centralized at the specialized inter-regional prosecutor's office of Rennes.

Call for the vigilance of individuals

The parquet floor of Rennes announced Sunday the opening of an investigation and the gendarmerie launched "A message of vigilance to individuals who discover such bales on the coast" and invited them to Call 17 immediately without touching these products.

The parquet of Rennes also reminds that "any discovery must be immediately brought to the attention of the police or gendarmerie without any manipulation ".

Carrying this type of product is an offense punishable by 10 years imprisonment.

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