Adobe: Live streaming feature for Creative Cloud apps is coming


With an integrated streaming feature, Adobe wants to give designers and Creative Cloud users the ability to share their skills.

At the annual Adobe Max conference, where the company introduces its Creative Cloud applications, there is always an outlook on what's new and what's planned for future features. One of this year's sneak preview gave viewers a look into a feature inspired by platforms like Twitch or Youtube.

It's a streaming option that allows artists and designers to stream their workflow live to others to inspire or learn from. Via a link the livestream can be released and put online. Viewers of the stream can comment and ask questions.

Beta version already available

The Livestreaming function is to be integrated according to The Verge directly into the Apps of the Creative Cloud. A beta version of the new feature is currently available to a group of users on the Adobe Fresco whitelist.

Product chief Scott Belsky emphasized above all the learning component of the function. Users can filter videos, for example, to learn specifically how certain tools work and are used. So the viewer learns how to use a tool correctly while the streamer uses it live and transmits it from the app in real time.

Adobe is currently offering a live stream on Youtube with Adobe Live, where artists can be observed at work. By integrating into its own apps, Adobe wants to enable an even closer exchange between designers and interested users. "Designers say they learned the most when sitting next to designers, not when they went to design school," Belsky said. "We only have to make that possible on a large scale." At the same time, he also hopes that Adobe's products will become even more viral.

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