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NEW YORK – Fast food giant McDonald's has thrown out its CEO Steve Easterbrook due to an affair at work. He had a "bad judgment" in relation to the relationship proved.

Even if this was consensual, he had violated the Code, said McDonald's.

"This was a mistake," admitted Easterbrook in a statement. "Given the values ​​of the company, I agree with the board that it is time for me to leave." 51-year-old McDonald's manager Chris Kempczinski was named his successor with immediate effect.

The #MeToo debate, in which cases of sexual harassment in the workplace are pilloried, takes a closer look at executive behavior in the US. In June 2018, Intel boss Brian Krzanich stumbled over the romance with an employee.

Last year, McDonald's hit the headlines on charges of not being strict enough to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace. Rather, employees were pressurized, the reported such incidents.

Meanwhile, Easterbrook can claim some success in the company. For example, McDonald's shares have roughly doubled during his term since 2015. However, the group had missed for the first time in two years, the earnings estimates of Wall Street.

The reason for this was a high level of investment in the restructuring of the restaurant chain, which is geared to the changing behavior of customers as a result of greater health awareness.

(sda / reu / afp / dpa)

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