After her "crime scene" -Ex: Meret Becker talks about future plans


Several months ago, it was announced that Meret Becker's investigator Nina Rubin was going to the "crime scene" retirement. For the actress, this opens up completely new possibilities, which she now talks about in an interview.
Actress Meret Becker has big plans for after the "crime scene". In the spring it was announced that the last case for the investigator Nina Rubin, represented by her, 2022 will be seen. "For example, I wrote a screenplay that I absolutely wanted to film," Becker told the "Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung".

Becker would like to implement her circus concert project "Le Grand Ordinaire" in a new form – and immortalise it on a CD. Besides, "I would like to direct sometimes, whether on stage or in film, and I would like to have a house in Berlin where I can work." The ideas would not run out until the end of her life.

The "crime scene" itself was "generally never my view of this profession" for her. The role was offered to her but at the right time and also it had a kind of protection means that you have as an actor in this form otherwise not. "We're not in Hollywood, we're making five million dollars with a movie and we've taken it easy," explains Becker. Even otherwise, there are some advantages: "You get in the restaurant immediately a place and is even recognized by telephone operators, although I like it to Berlin that people do not want to embrace and mate immediately."

Meret Becker has been one of Germany's top actresses for many years. She played in the films "Punktchen and Anton", "Kokowaah" and "Wetlands". Most recently she appeared in the movie "Ostwind – Aris Arrival". In addition to the presentation in cinema and television films Becker is also seen in the theater and is active as a voice actress. Even as a musician she has been involved in six albums so far.

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