After the discovery of cocaine bales in Vendee and Loire-Atlantique, the Rennes prosecutor's office opens an investigation


The gendarmerie has launched "A message of vigilance to individuals who discover such bales on the coast" and invited them to immediately call on the 17th without touching these products.

Since November 4th, "Suspicious packaging has been found throughout the beaches of the Atlantic coast from the Loire Atlantique to the Landes", indicates the floor of Rennes in a statement.

Packets of cocaine found in Loire-Atlantique and Vendee

In our region cocaine breads have failed on the beaches of Bernerie-en-Retz, and Pornic in Loire-Atlantique. Packets were also found on the sand in Saint-Jean-de-Monts, La Barre-des-Monts and Saint-Hilaire de Riez in Vendee.

"From the first analyzes, it appears that these failed packages are in fact bales containing narcotics, including cocaine with a high degree of purity", and "therefore particularly dangerous", highlighted
the parquet floor of Rennes.

"To date, a very significant amount of narcotics has been recovered" and "given the large number of discovery points", the Interregional Specialized Jurisdiction (Jirs) of Rennes was seized Friday in order to "centralize research
initially carried out locally by the parquets of Saint-Nazaire, Bordeaux or Dax ".

Bales arriving by the tides

A source close to the file has described to AFP bales that have arrived "sparingly" for a month all along the Atlantic side, from Loire-Atlantique, to the Basque country, through the Vendee or the Gironde.

They arrive "according to the tides"said this source.

"The contents and the container can be dangerous for the health", argue the gendarmes. These bales may pose a risk "touch" or cause "Emanations".

Carrying this type of drug is punishable by 10 years in prison

The parquet of Rennes also reminds that "any discovery must be immediately brought to the attention of the police or gendarmerie without any manipulation".

Carrying this type of product is an offense punishable by 10 years imprisonment."Because of the specificities of this case, the investigation was entrusted by the parquet of Rennes to the Research Section of the Maritime Gendarmerie, the group of Gendarmerie of the Pays de la Loire region and the Central Office for the repression of the illicit traffic in narcotics, working together", specifies the parquet floor of Rennes.

This is not a first in the region. In 2002, 330 kilos of cocaine ran aground on the coast.

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