Agreement on the basic pension: The temptation resisted


AIn the Grundrente CDU, CSU and SPD did not want the coalition to fail. CDU and CSU not because they had put their nimbus of reliability on the line and because no one in their ranks dared to use old age poverty as a lever to end the era Merkel prematurely. The SPD does not, because an end to the coalition would have meant that their leadership question against Olaf Scholz would have been decided and in favor of those who would rather leave the coalition today rather than tomorrow. The temptation was still great on both sides: An election campaign with a failed ground rent would have had its appeal for the SPD as for the CDU and CSU, even if they had fought by a widespread mood: After ten years dispute over the basic pension in three coalitions it is Time for an agreement.

But do the political groups see that as well as the party leaders? The shares are certainly better for the SPD than for the CDU / CSU, not only because the ranks of their group should be noticeably lighter after new elections. The SPD faction has achieved more than agreed in the coalition agreement. Although it does not start without a means test, as they really wanted, but CDU and CSU renounce the full program, as is common in the basic security. This has been a week since, even if it was surprising in view of bereavement and disability pension, when the Chancellor before her group gave the impression that the pension insurance would be foreign to need tests.

The Union faction will have to wait a very long time to see if it would have been wiser to pull the ripcord. So far, it is not clear that the loss of confidence which the CDU suffers in the wake of the SPD could be stopped by government work. Elections are the benchmark, except for Hamburg in February, until 2021 again. The chances are not bad that the upcoming party congress in Leipzig is only half as turbulent, as was to be feared for Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. That, too, may have contributed to the agreement.

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