Aguila, with Daniel Messina, seeks to beat Lima


The technician debuts with the feathers this Sunday.

Daniel Messina wants to debut with his right foot and will succeed if he defeats Municipal Limeno at the Ramon Flores Berrios stadium. The Argentine coach returns to the Eagle and wants to change the face of the current national champion, so that the feathered ones fly high in the 2019 Opening.

The game they will hold is key for both, since the trunks have 27 points and the feathered 24, with the difference that the first ones are in the classification zone and the miguenos want to enter, so the eagle's urgency to win and start with right foot in the debut of Daniel Messina.

Messina confessed what was the first thing she did when training the feathered this week: “Establish bonds of trust. With the strikers for the lack of goal and the defenders, because I am worried about the amount of goals received. ”

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