Alan Pulido, the best Mexican scorer of the last tournaments


Alan Polished, Guadalajara striker, lives the best tournament of his career in terms of goals, reaching ten goals.

It took four years for a Mexican player to reach 10 goals. Before Polishing, it was Omar Bravo which reached 10 points at the Opening 2015.

Who was closer to reaching this number in these years, was Oribe Peralta of the Eagles of America, who in the Clausura 2016 scored 16 entries.

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Polished in this way he gets into the fight for the title of goleo, which is currently headed by the Argentine Necaxa Mauro Quiroga, with twelve goals.

The last Mexican to be crowned as top scorer was Angel Reyna, who in the Clausura 2011 scored 11 goals with America.

Likewise, Guadalajara did not have a forward that reached ten goals since the tournament of Bicentennial 2010, when Javier Hernandez was crowned as a scorer along with the Mexican-American Herculez Gomez de Puebla and the Peruvian Johan Fano de Atlantean.

Closing 2016 Oribe Peralta America 9
Opening 2016 Hirving Lozano Pachuca 7
Closing 2017 Oribe Peralta America 8
Opening 2017 Victor Guzman Pachuca 8
Closing 2018 Alfonso Gonzalez Monterrey 6
Opening 2018 Angel Zaldivar Guadalajara 6
Closing 2019 Jose Juan Macias Leon 8

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