Albacete | Tomeu Nadal: "From the parlor I went straight to the locker room"


Tomeu Nadal lived a special day yesterday. The Balearic goalkeeper of Albacete was the father yesterday of a girl in the hours before the game that his team played in Carlos Belmonte against Lugo and ended up 0-1 on the scoreboard. After the game, the goalkeeper said that Lugo has been dedicated to waiting for our decision to go against it, now it seems that playing well you don't win and at first you generated less and we won. Football are details and now it seems that they are against us. You have to keep trusting the team. "

Coat of Arms / Flag Albacete

"You have to improve many things but it is going to be done and I have full confidence in the costumes, in this category anyone can beat you and the details now fall against us." On his fatherhood, the doorman stressed that "I have left the parlor and I have gotten into the locker room, practically. It is true that the night has not been the best but I was fine, I tried it, we have decided that forward, Mr. I have considered that, if I had thought otherwise I would have accepted it, with all the consequences I have played it. I knew that being concentrated I think that in the end things come out. "

Finally, the captain of Albacete also referred to the bad condition of the Carlos Belmonte lawn stating that "they know where the problem arises, they are trying to fix it, we would like it to be better. The club is doing everything possible, the company that is dedicated to that too and the club gardeners. Hopefully it will improve."

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