Alejo and Trejo share a sweeter loot for the leader


Rayo and Cadiz split the points as good brothersFor that, clubs and hobbies are twinned. A point from which the leader takes more advantage (There, at the top, takes twelve days, the last eight consecutive) that the host, lost in the middle of the classification.

Each team was aware of their role and was faithful to it. El Rayo tried to weave plays and Cadiz, take advantage of any bad stitches to sneak into a foreign area. Alvaro was running along his wing in search of Ulloa, while Ivan Alejo did the same by wrestling Mesa. He oops He filled the mouth of the stand with the ball stopped, when Pozo sent a rejection of Cifuentes high.

Lightning Shield / Flag

The Lightning repeated its role of memory: stalking the rival goal without desecrating it. Embarba tried for lack; Alvaro, from Chile … but Cadiz arrived, saw and scored (a classic, too, in the script of both). The VAR reviewed Alejo's goal, at Mesa's pass, and found that Luna broke the offside designated by the line judge.

After the break, the redheads intensified the siege. Cifuentes had to repel an Ulloa shot and Pozo sent out another. Paco decided to move card, leaving defense of three and betting on Andres above. Alvaro was not far behind and also made two changes: Garrido and Lozano. More wood.

The match became high voltage. Cifuentes signed a stop to a volley of Trejo and, immediately afterwards, Dimitrievski put a miraculous foot to abort a dangerous shot by Mesa. Moment in which the visitors pressed the accelerator, but the Lightning endured the type and had its prize with the tie of Trejo, a right that hit Mauro.

Shield / Flag Cadiz

The pulsations were increasing and the duel broke out. Cifuentes's gloves repelled a Montiel trap and Catena crashed a header on the stick. When Rayo had Cadiz against the ropes, he turned and the papers were reversed. The Jury had it, Alex Fernandez … There was still the final surprise. The line annulled Jose Mari's 1-2 out of play and then the VAR endorsed his decision.

The scrutiny corroborated the tie. The Lightning slightly slows the advance of the leader, but this time he does not win in the elections … Far is that one sorpasso to Real Madrid in the previous generals. Far is First.


Andres Martin (57 ', Moon), graceful (63 ', Sergio Gonzalez), Lush (65 ', Ivan Alejo), Joni Montiel (74 ', Santiago Comesana), Jury (74 ', Nano), Saul Garcia (89 ', Jose Pozo)


0-1, 37 ': Ivan Alejo, 1-1, 73 ': Trejo


Referee: Javier Iglesias Villanueva
Referee VAR: Oliver De la Fuente Ramos
Sergio Gonzalez (54 ', Yellow) Luis Advincula (55 ', Yellow) Marcos Mauro (62 ', Yellow) Esteban Saveljich (77 ', Yellow) Lush (82 ', Yellow) Joni Montiel (82 ', Yellow) Trejo (84 ', Yellow) Ulloa (92 ', Yellow

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