Alert by Enzo Perez: fall, pain and ovation


The Mendoza, a key piece for Gallardo, slipped alone and frightened all River, which in 13 days has the final of the Liberators against Flamengo.

With my head on the final of the Copa Libertadores against Flamengo The next 23 in Lima, Peru, River is measured against Rosario Central with the intention of continuing at the top of the Argentine Super League. Gallardo believes that it is best to continue using his ideal team and that is why he did not "take care" of any of his players.

Enzo Perez, a key piece of the team, had a slip on the 20 minutes that scared everyone. The Mendoza fell to the grass alone and his gestures of pain taking the right adductor alarmed everyone. Immediately, the millionaire DT sent to preheat Leo Ponzio, his natural replacement.

Apparently, minutes later Perez was able to recover and continued on the court and people cheered.

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