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At the time of the analysis of the meeting, the coach of America Alexandre Guimaraes stressed that the meeting 'was very even' and that Santa Fe made the difference because of its strength when defining. "In my opinion the big difference was that they were practically both occasions blunt," he said.

However, he says that the match was even and America also had opportunities to achieve a better result. Similarly, it is clear that there are aspects to be corrected to receive Thursday (7:30 p.m.) to Alianza Petrolera, on the second day of the group.

About why he changed so much in the second half he replied that “We had the impact that took us a bit out of the game after their second score, there we got a little messy, we lost positions and with it control of the game, as we had in the first. After the modifications we made, we returned to prosecute where we wanted it, we did everything that had to be done to try, first discount the score, and then look for the tie, now what matters is nothing more is to remove and correct some situations that They gave, because on Thursday we need to have a full stadium, the Pascual full, to push and support these players because the two games that come for us are more than vital"

On whether he is more worried about the loss to Santa Fe or the level of his archers, he said that “the second goal was a question that I already talked about in the dressing room; there are situations that we must handle better, there is a situation that we have to stop the game there, we simply wanted to make a speed race and they took a two-on-one advantage, those are the situations that must be corrected. That had not happened for a while, and now to continue so that does not happen in the next game"

In what area was the game lost and what should it correct?: “In my opinion, the big difference is that they were blunt on both occasions, at the level of the game I don't think it was a difference between the two teams, moreover, in the first half we had more dangerous actions; Sometimes it's like that, the opponent is more blunt and then made his game. We arriving in Cali, especially on Monday, we will make the corrections, on the order if by A or B happens what happened when the opponent takes advantage"

He was left with the misfortune that for two individual errors that have been repeated in previous games could not get the three points?: "Of course, we are all quite upset, I insist again that it was a game in which we were even the two teams, they are situations that we must correct so that they do not happen again, because in this type of tournaments so short does not give you time to recover ”.

He also referred to whether America lacked dynamics: “We left the game quite a bit after the second score of them and lost positions, losing positions we could not give fluidity to that game, we immediately made the corrections, the penalty came and from there we took the rhythm of the game, knowing that the opponent was playing another possible mistake of us, as it happened. ”

Why did America wear out and how to work on the quiet defensive ball?: “The speed race is in the action of their second goal, because they physically saw that we ended up. The only action we suffered on the stopped ball was that of the goal, and I have to check it because my goalkeeper says he got a foul. ”

Marco Antonio Garces
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
On twitter: @marquitosgarces

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