Alianza Lima vs Binational LIVE Gol Peru commentator is a victim of cruel joke in full transmission | Youtube


Lima Alliance before Binational starred in one of the most attractive meetings on the 15th of the Clausura tournament. In the first half a detail did not go unnoticed by the netizens, it even became viral.

It turns out that when the game was tied at 36 minutes of the first half, Maximiliano Mendana, commentator of the Gol Peru channel began to launch the Twitter messages sent by viewers.

Maximiliano Mendana I was reading normally. However, for the bad luck of the communicator, a greeting from the user appeared on the screen 'ShawnMichaelsHF'. Mendana He began reading the greeting until he realized that it was a heavy joke. Can not be!

"Encouraging Binational from the US! Greetings to my niece Devora Melano," said the controversial message. While Maximiliano Mendana He did not read the false two-way name, in a matter of seconds he became the victim of teasing on Facebook and Twitter.

For its part, the 'Tank' Arias did not remain silent and took advantage of the situation to support his partner. The narrator attacked the production. "They have to be careful with the things they publish as well," Arias emphasized.

VIDEO | Commentator of 'Gol Peru' is a victim of cruel joke in full transmission

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