Alize Cornet: "We learned from our mistakes of the past" in Fed Cup – Tennis – Fed Cup


Alize Cornet, selected in Perth and winner of Élise Mertens, in the first round against Belgium: "It's a nice revenge on 2016. It represents the work of a whole group, a solidarity, a cohesion that I have rarely known before. It's largely thanks to Julien who really put these rules from the beginning. It is also thanks to us the players. We learned from our past mistakes.

Julien, what has marked me from the beginning is his frankness, his honesty and his transparency. These are qualities that I love. Often in a team, there are unspoken things that we do not know. We make movies, we start to be paranos. This year it has always been done with great openness and communication. We understood his choices because he explained to us.

"Kristina, she did Kristina: she took things in hand, she was the boss on the field and she played his best tennis"

Last year, I did not play because of my no shows, there was no Caroline either. The girls were three to play against Belgium, it was a little cat. But those who stayed kept the house. It's thanks to that that we are now able to lift the trophy. Caroline (Garcia) did not play for two years but then I think she will not leave the team anytime soon.

Kristina, she did Kristina: she took things in hand, she was the boss on the field and she played his best tennis on these two days. Chaining a simple as intense and a double with so much challenge, it's a great performance. She is a great champion. She made us dream. We are very lucky to have him on the team. "

Pauline Parmentier, beaten in the fourth match of this final by Ajla Tomljanovic: "I really would have liked to bring this point, but seeing Caroline after yesterday's game could bring a decisive point on this final, that's fine as well. It's a team victory. Julien put a lot of things flat on the team. He took the time to get to know all the players and all the staff. Everyone felt at home in this team. Everyone has been on the ground. We had a homogeneous group. The group had to live well, that's what it managed to do. He was always very clear in his choices. It brought to all the girls. We all knew why we were there, even if there are different characters. Julien handled this very well.

Kristina had already done that against Belgium in the first round last year, she had flown over the weekend too. To beat Barty here at home is exceptional. The level she had double, she managed to get Caro, to put it back in confidence. They really played together this double, we really felt together. She was great. She took her number one role to heart. "

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