All the activity of Week 10 of the NFL, at the moment


At the start of the final stretch to the regular NFL 100 campaign, there was no lack of stellar individual performances or surprise markers. Here, the most important thing to date of the Sunday date:

Detroit Lions in Chicago Bears
Mitchell Trubisky had not thrown more than five scoring passes in the first seven games he started in the year, and went blank in five of those games, but this afternoon against the Lions he woke up with three scoring lashes after a week in the which was harshly criticized by the local press. The Lions severely missed Matthew Stafford, whose absence was the surprise of the day in terms of injury. Chicago won 20-13 to keep some hope of the playoffs alive, which looks like an impossible mission in a difficult NFC North anyway.

Baltimore Ravens in Cincinnati Bengals
Let's call him, "The Lamar Jackson show." There is no more exciting player to continue in this moment in the NFL than the Ravens quarterback, who dispatched with another practically perfect match on his visit to Cincy, where songs of "MVP! MVP!" Were heard. from the stands, despite not being its stadium. The Ravens also scored two defensive touchdowns in the beating of the Bengals, 49-13, which brings Cincinnati closer to the first global pick of the next draft.

Buffalo Bills in Cleveland Browns
One more day and another demonstration of how difficult it is for Cleveland to beat themselves in order to offer a competitive level to the rival. Despite serious lack of sports discipline, however, the Browns were able to survive a game with very little offense against some Bills who must look long in the mirror after throwing this game, by a score of 19-16. Buffalo craves respect and losing at home to this edition of the Browns is not the way to get it.

Kansas City Chiefs in Tennessee Titans
Patrick Mahomes returned to the field and had a good dry game at the controls of Kansas City, although it is clear that he has not regained 100 percent mobility, something expected at this point in the campaign. What was not expected were the casualties due to injury in the Chiefs' offensive line, with Mitchell Schwartz and then his replacement Martinas Rankin, abandoned the match. What is not new: Andy Reid and his problems with the handling of the game clock. The Titans remain a team that competes for certain lapses of the campaign, and this 35-32 victory tastes like glory, but until we see this kind of effort week by week, we can't trust Tennessee. Above all, it draws a little attention that the team seems to take to put the game in the hands of Derrick Henry, but once it does, it always improves the picture.

Atlanta Falcons in New Orleans Saints
Alvin Kamara returned to action, but the Saints limited their workload and it was noticed, falling at home to an Atlanta team that only had one win in the year. They say you never know in the NFL with divisional duels, but this stumble of the Saints in the Superdome is a bucket of cold water that seriously compromises their aspirations to earn a rest day when the playoffs begin. On behalf of the Falcons, we had already said that his record did not correspond to his talent level, unlike the other teams in the basement in the league, and this victory by 26-9 after Dan Quinn made some movements among his assistants , could be the beginning of something positive.

New York Giants in New York Jets
Pride is played, even in a lost season for both teams, although the reality is that the stadium they share is in New Jersey. To anyone's surprise, Daniel Jones again had a game of ups and downs, with another lost loose ball that resulted in points for the opponent, but a remarkable performance throwing the ball when he had time to do so. The Jets, however, were the team that made the most plays on both sides of the ball, during the 34-27 win, and although no one loses on purpose in the NFL, they are now further from a first global team that could work wonders. For your template.

Arizona Cardinals in Tampa Bay Buccaneers
If only Jameis Winston found a way not to give away possession of the ovoid, these Bucs could become something serious. Instead, they cannot leave the bottom of the table in the NFC. To be honest, the quarterback is not the only lack – not even the most urgent – of the offensive. The ground attack is non-existent for long stretches of the game, and the offensive line is a strain. This afternoon's 30-27 victory over the Cards is another reminder of what could have been for some Bucs that are still far on the road to competitiveness. In Arizona, it was already known that reconstruction would take more than one campaign, but not to notice what was offered by Kyler Murray and Christian Kirk.

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