Alleged lover of Whitney Houston tells her love story


The two young women met in the 80s at a summer camp in New Jersey, when Robyn I was 19 years old and Whitney 17, and at that time a friendship was born that would last until the death of the artist in 2012.

"We wanted to be together, and that simply meant us, nothing more. We never mentioned any label, as gay or lesbian. We just lived our lives and I just wished that everything could go on like this forever," he said. Robyn in his book, to which the magazine has had access People before publication.
Their relationship came to an end relatively soon on the initiative of Whitney after he managed to sign a record deal with Clive Davis in Arist.

As per account Robyn, she informed him of her decision by giving her a blue Bible: "She explained that ours could not move forward on the physical plane because it would only complicate our path in the future.

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