Alliance Lima vs. Binational | Adrian Ugarriza missed the second penalty for the League 1 Closing Tournament


Alliance Lima vs. Binational they face in the Guillermo Briceno Rosamedina stadium for the date 15 of the Closing Tournament of the Movistar League 1. Incredibly, the blue and white box had two great chances of getting up on the scoreboard but failed both penalties.

The front Adrian Ugarriza He wasted the chance to open the scoring just like Felipe Rodriguez and crashed the ball into the post. In this way Alianza Lima loses the opportunity to get away at the tip of the Clausura Tournament.

With the tie Lima Alliance will remain at the top of the standings with 29 units as well as the University of Sports. While Sporting Cristal, another of those fighting for the title was left with 28 points in the third location.

In the case of Bi-national, those of Juliaca will add 25 points and end the day in the fifth box. The next meeting of the directed by Pablo Bengoechea will be before Sport HUancayo on November 15.

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