Alliance Lima vs. Binational Hansell Riojas saved goal line intimate receive goal Juliaca Clausura Tournament Decentralized VIDEO


At 14 minutes of the second half, Lima Alliance He had a big scare. Binational He vulked the intimate area and was nowhere to put the first of the encounter. However, Hansell Riojas saved in the line, in the duel valid for the date 15 of the Clausura Tournament. Pablo Bengoechea's team suffers in height.

When all the fans of Binational they stopped from their seats to celebrate the first goal in favor of ‘Poderoso del Sur’, Hansell Riojas appeared on the goal line to clear the ball. In this way, Leao Butron was saved from receiving the first.

Alianza Lima Defense saved the 1-0 close to Binational. (Video: GOLPERU)

In one of the many scoring occasions he generated Binational, it was seen that Alianza Lima defended up to eight men. Without a doubt, the formula of Bengoechea was that to leave unharmed from the height of Juliaca.

The fans of Lima Alliance They came to Juliaca to encourage the blue and white team, which fights to return to the first place of the Clausura Tournament, after the victory that University won against Ayacucho in the Monumental. Those of Angel Comizzo did their job and dream of raising the cup of the last contest of the year. Everything can happen.

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So defended Alianza Lima at the height of Juliaca against Binational (VIDEO)

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