Alliance Lima vs. Binational intimate saved receiving two goals before two minutes Juliaca Clausura Tournament Decentralized VIDEO


The clock marked the two minutes in the Lima vs. Alianza. Binational and Pablo Bengoechea's team was saved from receiving two goals. In fact, this situation worried Pablo Bengoechea, who opted for a fairly defensive game system (with a line of five), to get a good result.

On the first play, Juan Pablo Vergara took a free kick close to the Alianza Lima area. And, this time, the stick denied him the possibility of celebrating a goal in the bow of Leao Butron, who returned to the starting team in the absence of Pedro Gallese (trains with the Peruvian National Team).

The stick that saved the intimate 1-0 against Binational. (Video: GOLPERU)
Deportivo Binacional was about to open the scoring against Alianza Lima. (VIDEO: GOLPERU)

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