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Hair-raising in-house mistakes helped Rapid against a frighteningly weak Altacher before the break to a 3-0 win.

Altach There were enough blows for the cashpoint SCR Altach around the game against the record champions from Vienna. First, the goalkeeper position had to be re-occupied at short notice, because Martin Kobras was not sick due to illness. Reuf Durakovic moved in and Benjamin Ozegovic had to swap his junior job for the replacement bank. And then there was again the almost obligate initial weakness of the Altacher. It did not take twelve minutes and they were back 0-2. In the end it was 3-0 for Rapid and for the RheindOrfler it was once again a football night to forget this season.

Catastrophic mistakes

It was again the individual mistakes that caused a horrific start against Rapid. A completely unmotivated pass from Anderson brought Thurnwald into the bredouille. His loss of ball to Ullmann became a coffin nail. Because Anderson could save himself against Ullmann only by a foul, referee Markus Hameter pointed immediately to the penalty spot. A chance that Stefan Schwab did not miss (11.). In this key it went on. No trace of the security shown in Innsbruck. Rather, the defense behavior was a single torso. Only a few seconds after the 0: 1 Matthias Maak confirmed the thesis in which he lost the ball lightly to Arase. Knasmullner inherited and served Murg, who provided for the second Rapid hit from close range (12). This was the game decided. Not because the Viennese played so strongly, but because Altach invited the guests to score with their own mistakes. There was also defensive behavior, not for the first time this season.

At the Altacher Bank, the early deficit caused a stir. But the necessary change came too late. Sidney Sam had to wait 36 ​​minutes before he could play and with Maak one of the indisposed defensive players had to leave the field. At this time it was already 0: 3, because the latter attacked bumbling and Murg played ideal on Arase. He had little trouble to put the ball in the goal just before Reuf Durakovic. It was the negative climax of a first half, which was from the view of the homeowners to forget.

Approach to football

With the change to a back four and the inclusion of Sam, a bit of stability came into the fragile SCRA team. But the guests were not really required, no wonder if the comfortable 3: 0 break. At least the attempt to play football was recognizable. That was due to Sidney Sam, but also to Rapid, who retired and only managed the result. After 70 minutes, a first chance, but Manfred Fischer slipped past the ball. Also in the episode, it was always Sam, who drove his teammates forward and once even failed to goalkeeper Richard Strebinger. Thus, a side goal by Bernd Geschweidl was the only highlight in the second half (81), in which the home side at least rudimentally played football.

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