Alvarez Aznar hurries with “tranquility” options for Tokyo in jumps


Verona (Italy), Nov 10 (EFE) .- The Spanish rider Eduardo Alvarez Aznar was calm and confident before his participation today in the contest of Verona (Italy) in the World Cup of jumping of obstacles on horseback, where He hopes to be at least "in the top three", with his eyes on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The Italian test is included in the most outstanding winter circuit of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) and, like all the dates of this tournament until the end of the year, scores to obtain the definitive list of athletes who will be in the individual Olympic program of such discipline.

So far, 60 riders and horses obtained their ticket by team classification; Thus, there are 15 places left to distribute and Alvarez Aznar is in second position with “Rokfeller” and 922 points.

“I have two contests left with him and I don't know if it will be enough to reach the individual classification, but I have already jumped enough this year to have to change the plan now. I hope to take good points today and then I will jump in La Coruna. Hopefully that is enough, ”he explained in an interview with Efe.

This list is headed by the Italian binomial Emanuele Gaudiano and “Chalou” with 977 points, in third place is his compatriot Emilio Bicocchi but he can only classify one rider per country on this occasion, so the main rival of the Spaniard will be Kristaps Neretnieks ( Latvia) with "Moon Ray" (895).

Alvarez Aznar was satisfied with the season of his horse, which highlighted his versatility and his delivery on the track: "He is a very economical horse in his way of jumping, so he can compete in several tournaments throughout the year."

Even so, the athlete acknowledged that, due to the age of “Rokfeller” he must “start taking care of him and try to extend his sports life” respecting his well-being because, as he himself affirms, in equestrian sports it is not just a matter of beings humans.

“The horses are not rackets or golf clubs that you can store in the closet, you have to be with them all day. (…) You have to know them and know how to dose them to get in shape, ”he added.

As for the team season, in which Spain did not reach any of the places for horse jumping in Tokyo 2020, the rider believes that this was not his year and the goal is to form a “solid” set.

In the European Championship, held in summer in the city of Rotterdam (Holland), the national team did not obtain the Olympic ticket after a discreet performance and it was not possible at the last opportunity during the Nations Cup in Barcelona.

Despite this, Alvarez Aznar valued the Spanish victory in the Challenge Cup since "winning is always good" and allows "to make a positive balance" when building "a solid team for the future." EFE

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