Alvaro Morata, the armed arm of the cholismo


Ruben Uria BlogThose who know about this say that the most difficult thing in football is to change the whistles for the applause. That is what Alvaro Morata has achieved. From that striker with a white past, to whom more than one tried to collect overdue bills when he had not even dressed the shirt, there is now a guy who has buried the distrust of others with a mountain of commitment and goal. Yes, Morata. Yes, the one who played in Madrid; the one who was a soft one, the one who did not paint anything in the Atleti, the one who had no place to start. Yes, Morata. The kid who, based on work, self-confidence and fights in the internal competition of the group, has proven that he is and deserves to be the 9th Atleti. And if someone still doubts, who thinks that rectifying is wise.

Simeone often says that the field speaks. And that, beyond your taste or your criteria, you have to listen. And the field has spoken: Morata is, without discussion and despite who weighs, the 9 of the Atleti. It is from the deepest meritocracy, from the work ethic, from the strictest sports justice and from the point of view of the natural selection that occurs every game in each team. It is not that Morata always has to be the owner in front of another partner, nor that Simeone has been able to hold any type of mortgage for his performance, is that Morata is now giving all the best that he has inside. In the mood, he has regained his self-esteem. He feels important, has confidence, seems more mature and is getting the fans to recognize him.

To the surprise of those who did not believe and to the joy of those who always believed, Morata is, right now, the most reliable of a team that is still under construction. Now that Atleti is far from its best version and that the coach is still looking for a more balanced team, Morata is being the lifeguard of Cholo. He asks for forcefulness and Alvaro gives it to him. And that, in a team where there is no goal, is a blessing. By the way, despite the fact that many denied his signing, Morata was an express request of Cholo. That is, it was a full-fledged LQDS: “Whatever Simeone says”. And the boy is returning, with goals and commitment, all that confidence. For the team, Morata is a solution for every problem. For Simeone, it is a personal bet that proves him right. For the people of Atleti, the one who believed in him and the one who didn't, Morata is a stable value. And he has become the best example of an unbelieving striker who has embraced his new religion, pure and hard cholismo, surrendering himself to the cause. Morata already knows, in the first person, that if you believe and work, you can. And now, goal by goal, is the armed arm of the cholismo.

Ruben Uria

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