Amalia Granata between crying and anger: "They're going to have to kill me"


What until weeks could be for Amalia Granata one of the best days of his life to be elected provincial deputy of Santa Fe, now could become his worst nightmare.

This Saturday, in the program Authentic Polino, by Radio Miter AM790, the journalist gave details on how she is going through the situation of being involved, for the moment, in the case of the daughter of Andrea del Boca, Anna Chiara, who denounced her biological father, Ricardo Biasotti, for having forced her to watch pornographic films when she was four years old with whom at that time she was her partner.

The scandal broke out when Rachel Holway, founder of Life Alert NGO and alleged legal advisor of the Boca family, said she would request that the former model be declared "moral incapacity" to assume public office because she is related to an abuse investigation.

In dialogue with Marcelo Polino, Granata commented again that after Holway's accusation, he immediately appeared before a prosecutor to denounce this woman for insults, slander and coercive threat. He also said he was not surprised by the accusation. "I understand that my participation in politics many do not like. I am a person who got me down in politics, who did not use the state money to do my campaign, who traveled the province thousands of times on foot and talking to people. I did a decent campaign: my 300 thousand votes annoy and a lot"He said.

"This week was very difficult, I am very sad for my children and my mother. I am not afraid of the old policy, folders that give me I will continue, they will not beat me. My family does not have to go through this and I will not stop fighting for my ideals”, Detailed the former model.

But as the conversation with Polino and Yanina Latorre – program partners – continued, the situation overflowed her, and in tears and with a broken voice, she declared: “This is what I sought, what I dreamed and what I am convinced of I have to be occupying that place. That politics be afraid of me because this, as they see it, He is going to get strong and he will occupy his bank with dignity. I am honest, I am a good person raised in values ​​and they will not easily lower me, they are going to have to kill me".

“My convictions are going to remain intact, my strength more than ever because of the people who voted for me and elected me will continue. For more causes and lies that invent me, I will be sitting there and I will defend the values ​​of the 300,000 Santa Fe who chose me ”, warned the deputy elected by Santa Fe for the Unite for Freedom and Dignity party, which revealed that she would not mind the prosecution of the case. "Since I received the diploma, I already have privileges. I do not want to leave, when I swear I will give up my privileges. I am available to Justice, I have nothing to
, he said, because if Granata's participation in the crime of corruption of minors was proven, this would affect his incorporation into the Legislature of the province of Santa Fe for the exercise of his position on December 10.


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