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The candidates for president and vice president of Boca Juniors by the front "Xeneize identity", Jorge Ameal Y Mario Pergolini, led an event with more than 200 women members of the club in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Ameal and Pergolini were flanked by referents from various groups and movements that make up "Xeneize identity", between them, Rebeca Baigorria, from "Mouth My Good Friend"; Victoria Pacheco, from "Crazy about Boca"; Florence Volpintesta, from "Blue and gold"; Y Justina Azcarate, Maria Eugenia Galie, Adriana Bravo, Camila Ansaldo Y Veronica Hernandez, from "Together by Boca".

Pacheco referred to the “Invisibilization by the current Board of Directors of women who were referents of the club”, and specifically described the case of Marcela Lesich, historic Boca archer, winner of nine titles, and then coach. Lesich died of cancer in 2018 after being dismissed by the club, which did not allow him to have social work for his treatment.

For its part, Baigorria emphasized the need for Boca to be a social club again: “You have to bring the club back to the people of the neighborhood, this must be one of the priorities”.

Also, Volpintesta, explained the project "Mouth Includes", “Oriented to guarantee rights for people and groups in situations of social vulnerability”.

By grouping "Together X Mouth", One of those responsible for taking the floor was Azcarate, who referred to women's football: "We have to continue to improve ourselves, our football must be increasingly competitive and the conditions of our players are getting better".

Hernandez, in turn, harangued: “It's time to play. And together we must fight to get more inclusion and more opportunities within Boca. I have no doubt that with Jorge as President all that will come ”.

After the presentation of the women, Pergolini took the floor and said: “It's very curious that in a club like Boca, with all its history, we have to keep claiming places for women. I think it is largely because of the leadership that governs us, which has undoubtedly unleashed them ”.

Ameal, meanwhile, called for redouble efforts to expand rights: “We have a great team of committed fighters, and together with them we will work for Boca to change and transform into a club where you have rights, and not just duties”he expressed.

In another sense, the candidate for president raised the need to renew the statute so that "The woman besides having visibility, also have a strong role". “We have to be the flag of change in terms of gender perspectives. Women must be protagonists in all areas of the club ”he added.

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