Analysis for election in Spain: Matter victory for socialists


ein radiant winner looks different. Pedro Sanchez wanted to regain the second Spanish general election this year so that he can finally form a government. But his Socialist Party (PSOE) must be very happy if it does not lose one or two of its 123 mandates and thus remains the strongest party in the new parliament. Currently, the party is only 120 seats.

Hans-Christian Roessler

Instead, the repetition of the election of the right-wing populist Vox party has given the chance for their greatest success so far: instead of 24 so far, probably 52 Vox MPs will belong to the new parliament. Vox will be the third strongest force among the 350 parliamentarians. Above all, the recent escalation of the Catalan conflict following the verdicts in the trial of twelve leading separatists gave the right-wing populist a boost. The conservative People's Party (PP) was able to catch up. After her historic defeat in April with just 66 mandates, she was able to gain more than 20 seats and is now at 88 seats.

Legal liberals are the big loser

This does not mean, however, that the right-wing camp could now be dangerous to the left. Because the big loser of the election on Sunday is the right-wing Ciudadanos party. She crashed from 57 MPs to 10. More than three million voters turned away from her. Sanchez still misses more than 15 votes for an absolute majority. This is mainly because the left-alternative Unidas Podemos party lost seven seats. From Podemos "Mas Pais" split off. The new Left Party sends three MPs to the new parliament.

The final result will be final on Monday. But it was already clear on election night that it will not make the formation of a government easier: The political landscape splinters further. The small regional and nationalist parties emerge strengthened from the election. Thus, the radical separatist CUP party became for the first time in the Spanish parliament. Without some of the votes of the Catalan separatists, Sanchez has no chance of an absolute majority – unless the conservative PP helps him with a second-round abstention, if the simple majority for the election of the new head of government is enough.

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