Andoni Zubizarreta relaunches the winter mercato of OM


Andoni Zubizarreta is still at OM. Although discreet, the Spanish sports director is visibly behind the scenes and he does not seem ready to leave the French club as the latest rumors have it. The winter mercato arrives in less than two months and the former Barca leader has begun to activate his networks. While the French club is still experiencing financial difficulties, its room for maneuver is reduced but it hopes to strengthen in January.

It was the sports director himself who told him Telefoot this morning. Although he knows that the mission to find a suitable player will be tricky, he wants to take up the challenge. "I'm going to watch the winter market. It's still a complicated market. I think we would need some players because we had suspended and injured. Which positions? That, I can not say it. I can not promise anything because it's hard to find better players than in the squad. "

OM will try to recruit

It will play smart and even tight. OM, who do not play the European Cup, does not need a large number of squads for this season, but Andre Villas-Boas has already had to plug holes with the means of the edge. One or two more elements would not hurt. "The project has constraints with financial fair play, we have to balance our budget. This summer, we needed to sell. You have to adapt. The question is not to recruit to recruit but to have good players in the workforce to be competitive. If we can find, we'll see » assured Zubizarreta.

The latter comes to relaunch a winter mercato which promised however very calm. For several weeks, Andre Villas-Boas explains that there will be no rookie because of the financial difficulties of the club. The start of the season for the Phocaeans may have convinced the leaders to give a small envelope for this winter. There will probably be no big shots but with a good network, there will surely be opportunities to improve a chouia a workforce that needs it.

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