Another Diego Maradona show: dance in the locker room, the "booties that jump" and "that go to the …"


"To those who signed up to come as gymnastics technicians, to go to hell." Diego Maradona I was walking through the halls after 3-0 in Mar del Plata against Aldosivi and, highlighter in hand, said and wrote this phrase, for the rumors after the 0-1 against Students.

With the usual personality, he went on to say that he will stay no matter what happens in the Wolf and even dared to sing it at the conference. Too in the locker room he danced like other times, as the center of the scene and with the applause of its players.

In this round trip after triumph, Maradona as always left pearls with his seal. Like the previous one. Or when he said there were players with Selection level. Or a steering wheel that plays with jumping boots.

All the phrases of an exultant and quite analytical Maradona, praising his players and his coaching staff:

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* “Play football that is the best thing that can happen to us. That's how we fun people. Today Gymnastics was to go to hug one by one to the fans who came. That is why for them the triumph ”.

* "If it weren't for the Aldosivi goalkeeper, the result would have been much more bulky."

* “I ask to play football and you notice that we do not make scandalous foules, we do not have reds, admonished. We play football. It is what we practice all week. We are very successful in the man-in-man we are doing, leaving with the brand "

* "We have quality players. Jose (Paradela, central midfielder) played a selection match, Thief (Matias Garcia) He's younger than me and jumps more than Michael Jordan. They didn't earn one. I say: ‘What do you have? Booties that jump? ’I like yours. Have a timming fair. If I have to choose a figure, I choose the set. They were made by the insiders and we shouted the ones outside, so we got this result. ”

* "We have a very brave gymnastics for the next points. The Gallego Mendez and Adrian Gonzalez are two impressive bosses, they are two assistants who are technicians like me. They can give an order like me. And there is the key."

* “It is very difficult to get a captain and Licht accepted it and trained to return to the team. All the boys are there to play, the competition is healthy; the one who scored the second goal was in Third and I said give it to me. If Messera asks me, I tell them: ‘Forget because these guys have grown up and are men.’

Maradona, with its players (Gymnastics).

Maradona, with its players (Gymnastics).

* "I'm very happy. Getting up and standing up like my players did is to take off your hat. It's not easy for a classic to kick you once and make you a goal. We continue to believe in work and in recovering children. It suffers because we had high hopes of winning the classic and having lost it is a resound of the game and yet none complained. On the contrary, if we had to do two laps, they did four, 20 abs and were 40. We worked with the same commitment. I am very happy because my boys gave me enormous satisfaction. ”

“I want a better team for the next championship. We got engaged to the president, I stay to live in Estancia Chica and whatever happens of the Wolf I don't go, I said it before the game to make it clear. Because if some small radio, or against, want to put another coach. Here is Gymnastics coach Diego Armando Maradona. ”

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