Arrested after attacking an inflatable "baby trump", he collects more than $ 20,000 to pay his bail


Illustration of an inflatable ball representing a baby Trump. – Isabel INFANTES / AFP

This is a small news item that has something to smile about … A Donald Trump supporter was arrested this Saturday, November 9 by the police of
Alabama (southeastern United States) after puncturing, with a knife, a giant balloon representing a "baby Trump" wearing a diaper, reports
the ABC 3340 chain.

The incident occurred shortly before the start of a football game attended by the US President and his wife Melania. The individual arrested by the police was opposed to an anti-Trump demonstration taking place near the stadium.

A pot to pay his deposit

The 32-year-old American, a supporter of the US president, had warned on his Facebook page that he was going to "blow up" the inflatable balloon that made fun of
Donald Trump.

A few hours after his arrest, he launched an online kitty on the GoFundMe website to raise funds to pay his $ 2,500 bail and legal fees. This Sunday afternoon, he had already raised more than 25,000 dollars, more than 22,000 euros …

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