Arsenal FC: Xhaka criticizes hostility and disagrees with Emery: "Ready" for comeback


I find that all very questionable.No idea if Xhaka is private posh, vain or characterless. Was never invited to dinner in the evening.
But if you tell "fans" from the stands that they want to break your legs, that's just bad.

It is now expected by football professionals that they accept such hostility. At the same time you will find them too adapted or soft-felted.
One tolerates hateful fans, and then one wonders about pyros on folders and tempests of hoodlums.

What shoud that? Why should a footballer not even go crazy? What does one have to offer as a human being? Only so drunken, violent people under the cloak of the "football fans" undisturbed celebrate their hatred?

I am just as disappointed with the club. He has strengthened his own captain zero back. Emery, whom I consider to be a great coach, throws Xhaka with the statement to the critics to feed.
This is not diplomacy nor "taking the field out". This is spineless opportunism and kitchens to a hooligan minority. It would have been diplomatic to say that Xhaka's reaction was exaggerated, but to back him up and condemn the fans publicly.

The football slowly needs a basic debate which players have to put up with. No matter if monkey noises, death threats or attacks. Instead, then come back to the deadliest argument that they earn so much money. That's why they have to endure that.
But do you really think that a good salary justifies inhumanity?

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