ASSE (AS Saint-Etienne football) | Nantes 2


It was with a workforce reworked in all lines that Claude Puel had decided to face Nantes. Moukoudi instead of Perrin, Trauco replacing Gabriel Silva and Franck Honorat who made his great first at the expense of Khazri. One way to blow some and keep everyone concerned by the deadlines.

At the end of an insipid first quarter of an hour during which both teams competed awkwardly and approximations, the Canaries had the merit of unblocking the situation. Escaping Trauco and Kolodziejczak, Benavente inflicted himself to the 6 meters of defense Etienne and his center back allowed Blas to adjust Ruffier (1-0, 17th). A short-lived advantage in an encounter that became unbridled since the center of Honorat was catapulted by Trauco in the goal of Lafon (1-1, 25th).

Denis Bouanga in a big evening

The pistons Etienne were at the party. But facing Greens sometimes embarrassed at the seams in the image of Kolodziejczak who lost the ball before the Nantais Blas who wrapped a gold center for Louza (2/1, 29th) we thought that the evening would be far from quiet for the Greens.

And yet, Trauco on a ball of Camara, realized a marvel of center for Bouanga who also of the head pierced the doorman Nantes (2-2, 31e). In this disheveled match, it was still a headline Ruffier after a blow from Blas, to prevent the Canaries lead a third time to score.

The public was delighted, coach Etienne a little less because he found the defensive mistakes already seen Thursday in Ukraine. He still had to worry about a head of Pallois who hit the crossbar and, in the wake, the shot of Simon Moses at close range but who lost his duel against Ruffier (66).

It was the turning point of the match. Boudebouz inspired threw in the back of the defense Bouanga Nantes who was spinning to the goal to crucify Lafon. It was his evening, with these two achievements, he already scorer Thursday against Oleksandria (2-3, 68th).

Claude Puel who had taken a risk taking with this revamped team has been reinforced in these choices by this success.

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