Athletic 1×1 – Levante


Analysis of the performance of all the players who disputed the Athletic I raised, which ended with local victory after a game in which the Basques failed to score in the first half and they had to overcome a goal at the edge of the break. A meeting that we evaluate with fantasy points for the app Biwenger.


Unai Simon (6): He barely had to intervene in the first half. In the goal received he could not do more and was correct in the rest of the actions

Layer (8): Climbing steadily down the right lane, he put a goal on Muniain's head. He always had an eye on Morales. Game.

Yeray (6): He solved all defensive tasks with his partner behind. Postigo beat him in a corner but he cannot blame his defensive task.

I. Martinez (6): Correct in defensive tasks. It neutralized the few attacks that made the granota set.

Berchiche (6): Constant uploads per band. He had a shoulder problem that didn't keep him from giving up.

D. Garcia (5): Constantly working for the team. He had to measure two faults better than he did at the edge of the area with the danger he poses to the Levante specialists.

Unai Lopez (6): With a lot of presence in the midfield, he was able to take the ball to his teammates in attack zones.

Muniain (8): Constant presence in danger zones. Header after a good center from the band.

R. Garcia (6): Working piecework in the center of the field fighting all the balls and with the fight to which we are accustomed.

Cordoba (5): From more to less in the first half. In the end it went unnoticed and cost the replacement to rest.

Williams (7): A lot of presence in areas of attacks but without fortune in the face of goal. He was very fast and fighter.


Ibai (6): Active in the minutes he was on the field. The team achieved the comeback with him on the field.

San Jose (6): Upon entering he had the goal in a corner and continued trying actions in attack.

Villalibre (sc): no time

I raised

Aitor (7): As always, the highlight of the team. In the first quarter of the game he had 3 merit interventions.

Miramon (6): In the first part suffering with the rises of Yuri and Cordoba. On the move of the goal of Levante wins the ball to yield it to Postigo.

Shutter (6): He had the goal prize at the edge of the break. Correct in defensive tasks and that was very demanded. Featured as the whole team in defensive tasks.

Time (5): Well to the cut and in balls by high, although suffering before numerous attacks of Athletic.

Clerc (5): Trying to stop Inaki Williams, Raul Garcia and Capa climbs. He could not show up in attack.

Radoja (5): Shrinking all the Atheltic arrivals.

Campaign (6): When he appeared in the opposite field, the team thanked him and created danger.

Melero (5): In the absence of offensive actions, it did help with containment.

Bardhi (6): Sacrificed in defensive tasks, when he had the option of appearing in the opposite field he created danger. It generated a foul on the edge of the area that crashed into the barrier.

Morales (6): He tried on the left side constantly but did not have many supports in the final meters.

Mayoral (5): During the first half he did not get many balls. Above he could not win duels before the height of the Athletic centrals.


Hernani (5): He left in 75 and had hardly any chances of danger

Vukcevic (5): Oxygen in the center of the field the last quarter of an hour.

Roger (sc): no time

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