Athletic 2 – Levante 1 1×1 of Levante: Aitor stops have no prize in San Mames


Aitor: Released by the Electoral Board of his substitution in Mondragon, he started in San Mames and the Levant gave thanks for it. Arrasate's team supported the team at the beginning of the match with stops of all colors but measured poorly in the goal of Muniain, who surprised only in the second suit.

Miramon: The ghosts of Barca's day appeared when Cordoba fell down in the area, but the VAR considered that the end forced the situation. But, as always, it does not fall apart and climbed after the set. Precisely he won the game to Cordoba in the second suit to attend Postigo. Poetic justice.

Shutter: He appeared at a fundamental moment, before the break, to beat Unai Simon with a goal. He went ahead of his pair and with the toe was enough to deflect the trajectory of the ball and surprise the Basque goalkeeper. In defense he had some mistake in the clearance.

Vezo: The Portuguese center was the solution at the speed of Williams. Fast and expeditious to the cut, and with clarity and criteria to distribute the ball from behind, the Portuguese is taking the tone of the second leg of last season.

Clerc: He had to dance with dancing with 'the ugliest', Raul Garcia, and he was not intimidated by the situation. He was correct in defense and climbed the band hard, but his teammates didn't just look for him to give depth to the left wing when they reached the danger zone. He, however, kept trying.

Bell: He started on the right, went to the left, looked for the center … The Andalusian enjoys the freedom granted by his new demarcation, which helps him to get loose without the obligation to support the center of the field. He had it on the resume after Morales's pass, but did not connect well with the toe.

Radoja: It does not attract attention, but it is everywhere. He is the player who allows equipougar the way he does, being the real support in the core.

Melero: He was discreet in La Catedral, contributing work next to the Serbian but not just letting go up. When he succeeded, it caused dangerous failures and solutions. He left his place to Nikola Vukcevic.

Bardhi: He varied his position as Campaign and at times the team missed him in the elaboration of the offensive game. But he ventured in defense, showing his usual pundonor despite not being found.

Morales: The 'Commander' opened paths to travel with his speed and gaps for his companions on the wet grass of San Mames.

Foreman: Being difficult to control and connect by the state of the pitch, Mayoral's game is affected. However, he worked in defense and constantly offered himself as a solution in the outings of his team. That is why Paco Lopez chose to give Hernani entrance as the first change.


Hernani: He entered to bring speed to the granota attack and entered the encounter too cold. He did not acclimate to the rhythm of the crash.

Vukcevic: He left to try to close the result, providing muscle to the spinal cord. But he could not be noticed.

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