Athletic-Levante | Capa dresses as a superhero in the comeback against Aitor


Capa broke the order established in the 88th minute. A great goal from outside the area broke some boards that seemed to rule in San Mames until eternity. Until then Aitor Fernandez had given himself a blessed morning and Paco Lopez was blessing the Electoral Board that freed his goal of being in Mondragon and allowed him to deny a disheveled rival over and over again. It was a very profitable midday for his colors thanks to the doorman until he knocked on the door with an iron fist Capa. He found the gap between four enemies and the ball bounced in the goal line.

Coat of Arms / Athletic Flag

Athletic's storm started parallel to the weather. The flood was present in San Mames, while the rojiblanco team, activated by the Williams bullet, collected occasions in the area but lacked precision. In a quarter of an hour, three interventions had to be provided by Aitor Fernandez, who perhaps wished he had been at an electoral table in Mondragon at that time, a task he finally got rid of, rather than hitting such a binge stop. In that section, Athletic almost broke its fatal statistics of unmarked corners, with a play rehearsed by Unai Lopez and Yuri's surprise appearance.

Shield / Flag Levante

Garitano chose to repeat the formula of Munian de mediapunta and Raul Garcia of what is called false nine. With that provision, he finds more construction, especially if they connect the Unai Lopez-Muniain basses. San Mames seemed to be inclined towards the goal of Aitor, who followed his own, walling the goal. Half an hour after the game, Raul Garcia threw a zapatazo at half an hour that took the Gipuzkoan goal with a hard hand in an uppercase paradox. Bardhi went to the right and exchanged position with Campana, and Levante stretched a bit, which was leveling a possession of 62% -38%. Athletic started to cost up the pressure.

And in a corner kick, Miramon prevailed in the jump to a nicknamed Cordoba and prolonged Postigo, who in a somewhat bitten shot put the ball between the legs of Unai Simon. It was a jug of cold water in the Cathedral. Garitano took Ibai after the break. He got to the left. In an impossible ball of those who run through the band and Capa never gives up, he took out a balloon that topped head! Muniain to tie. The right back was everywhere and then rehearsed a distant shot that deflected Aitor.

The party was later embarrassed with bad gestures. And when he pacified himself, he returned to football to smile at Athletic, more for push than for something else. The lions shot and shot at goal but did not put the ballot in the urn of Aitor Fernandez. Villalibre left for the final section, almost testimonially. He did not appear for the first rojiblanco team since Garitano occupied the visiting bench with Depor. He is the 25th player that puts the coach deriotarra in this year in 13 days. He had time to see Capa's great goal closely.


Ibai Gomez (45 ', Ínigo Cordoba), Saint Joseph (66 ', Unai Lopez), Hernani (75 ', Mayoral), Nikola Vukcevic (80 ', Gonzalo Melero), Villalibre (86 ', Williams), Roger (86 ', Morales)


0-1, 45 ': Shutter, 1-1, 56 ': Muniain, 2-1, 87 ': Cap


Referee: Javier Alberola Rojas
VAR Referee: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva
Enis Bardhi (48 ', Yellow) Dani Garcia (61 ', Yellow) Raul Garcia (61 ', Yellow) Vezo (74 ', Yellow) Cap (77 ', Yellow

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