Atletico 3-Espanyol 1 Simeone: "The VAR is going to get better, I hope I'm not mistaken"


Atletico met again with the win in LaLiga and left behind a three-game streak without knowing the win. Simeone first went through Movistar's microphones to analyze the match against Espanyol.

Summary of the match "We worked well the circulation. There was a sense of danger continuously at the start of the first half. But they make us the goal and the game gets more difficult, although the team had personality, responded and scored three goals. Reacted together in a very good way ".

Shield / Athletic Flag

Changes in alignment. "I was looking for more strength and a replacement for Lodi that had been playing many games and needed a break."

VAR performance. "I have not seen them yet, but I believe that the VAR will always be better. Hopefully I am not mistaken." It arrives in LaLiga with Real Madrid and Barcelona: "A lot of tranquility, there is still a lot."

Compete with Real Madrid and Barcelona. "Very quiet, there is still a lot."

Afterwards, Simeone appeared in the press room.

They played a good game.

Today we have been able to improve in the regularity of the 90 minutes of play. Even losing 0-1 the team was well planted, we had some loss at the start that they took advantage of, but we always showed danger in attack. The goal just before the break strengthened us to continue maintaining the plan. We had regularity, which we were missing.

Today for many Vitolo was the best, although he changed again.

He was replaced in 75 because he had given everything to defend and attack. When he is well physically, they generate a lot of danger, injuries have to help him a lot more, which are often the ones that take him away and not me. When he plays at this level he is always competitive. He left at the end so that Lemar gave more freshness. He gave us a lot with that interline game he has.

How desperate are Gil Manzano's arbitrations?

I do not speak of the arbitrators, we must improve and not look for excuses in the arbitrations.

There were many changes and steps forward in the template.

Three days ago we talked about other situations with a bad first half and a good second half. Today we were very regular and except Saponjic everyone participated. We are closer in that search of the team, Costa goes out and attends, Saul is extraordinary in a position that is not his, Vitolo already said that it had been very dangerous, Herrera gives us personality, Koke made a great game in defense, Thomas lost a dangerous ball that ended in his goal and then went up, Trippier was very good and Felipe and beautiful are ascending. Hopefully the return of the injured will make the team grow and I hope I am not mistaken.

Do the critics motivate them?

The motivation is internal and we can wake it up by touching some point that generates illusion. Football, like life, is illusion, enthusiasm, energy and more the talent they have appears in the game. Then what I talk in the locker room is in the locker room.

Is it the year of more ups and downs?

We have ups and downs in the matches. In all we generated occasions except against the Real Society, in all we were there. Close to winning many of them, in this round of selections we have played seven games and won three, tied three and lost one. We have to improve, we are at Atletico de Madrid that demands more and more.

Hermoso and Felipe have done a good role.

It is what we need, competition. Also Trippier and Arias, Thomas and Herrera in the middle, Saul can play on the side, Costa came in and attended and that is better for the team, which complicates me onces. I think it's the first time that I made the changes quite late probably because the team was pretty good.

There is little regularity in LaLiga.

This year it took Barcelona and Real Madrid a little longer to be better, but the classification is already marking the so-called historical ones. We are about to compete well with them and I don't have a concrete explanation with what happens to others and to us. We have to have more personality when starting the games as it has happened in many second times.

Are there players that deserve more compliments?

They all deserve the same treatment. Emotionally they are not all the same, they are like children and for each one you have to try to touch that button that makes you be different.

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