Atletico 3-Espnayol 1 Herrera: "We had several games giving away the first half"


Has your time come?

My job is to be professional, work one hundred percent and wait for those little opportunities. Lately I have had a little more participation and work for that, by the time the coach decides to do so and I want to continue playing, participating and being able to help the team. All I can do is work and show the coach that he can count on me.

Do you feel more settled? What cost you the most?

I come from playing in another system completely different from that of the master. This is a system with a very clear, very strong defensive rigor and that is what has cost me the most. Be defensively as orderly as the coach asks. I think it is normal to be new and one must adapt quickly to the circumstances. I am adapted to one hundred percent in the group, very happy and I am still today, I think that makes it a lot easier when playing.

How did the criticisms affect you?

Criticism will always be there. It is impossible to please all people, the media and the fans. But there is a great strength within the group and that will help us move forward. We have the fundamental support of the fans. We had less good results and the fans came yesterday to the hotel to give us strength, making it clear that they trust you and that they are dead with us. I think it's the most important thing, that team and fans are together.

Today they entered the game better

They are party circumstances. We had been giving away for the first time, letting them hurt us to wake up. We do not want that, we are always motivated to go out as well as possible and as a team we have to know how to face and carry out the meetings. We are aware of what has happened in previous games and we want to be well and I think we will be.

Simeone blamed himself for the moment the team lives

We are a team and there is one that always shows its face to the public and the press, but in saying that the fault is yours we are all included. In the end Simeone is the one who comes and explains things, but behind him we are all of us. The fault and when things go well is for everyone and not for one person.

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