Atletico consolidates to fight well above – Tucuman


Football is like this, "streaks to be taken advantage of." He said it himself Cristian Erbes at the end of the match that Athletic beat Union, in Santa Fe, for 1 to 0, winning for the first time in First at April 15 stadium and achieving the fifth triumph in a row, also for the first time in its history in the local tournament. The start of the championship was not promising at all, but it was to be understood, there were 16 players who left the club and almost everything had to be rearmed. First thing he did Richard Zielinski It was rebuilding it from back to front. Starting from two archers who always responded well, he built a solid defense that covers the spaces well. Play who plays, because today it was his turn to Dylan Gissi the difficult task of replacing a Bruno Bianchi It is going through its best moment, and the Swiss did not disappoint. It was always well understood with Yonathan Cabral and they took everything that the local threw into the area.

The right sector, in general, was the weakest tonight. Why Marcelo Ortiz Y William Acosta They did not complement each other well and were constantly overwhelmed. Even so, those overflows did not reach more because the rest of the players always reacted well.

The pair of central steering wheels became the central axis of this Atletico. He Pichi Erbes Not only is he clean and precise to cut, but he knows how to clean the ball without haste, making his teammates go out freely. Just as it does in a good way Ariel Rojas, and among them they get to know each other more, which makes them the main handles of the team. If they are fine, it shows. And when not, too.

In the night santafecina, Gonzalo Castellani He had his best match with the blue and white shirt. They were born from his feet, after Erbes regains the ball, the only goal of the game, after the surgical pass he gave to Augusto Lotti, another that deserves to emphasize the good game he played, the few minutes he was on the court. He painted to be the figure of the game, but a knee injury left him out before the end of the first stage.

The replacement for Lotti was Lucas Melano, which also complied perfectly, trying to take advantage of the spaces with its speed and join a Leandro Diaz who fought her up and scored for the fourth time in the last five games. Crazy he became friends with the goal, takes more and more confidence and acclimates well to the partner who touches him to be by his side.

This is Zielinski Athletic, a team that among the one who knows what he has to do and gradually looks more like last season, because once he scores a goal, it is very difficult to be scored. It closes well, he knows how to play against it and when he has to move the ball, he does it in a good way. Almost unintentionally, the Dean temporarily placed three points from the top and, with an increasingly consolidated squad, deludes everyone with fighting up.

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