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Atletico came out to play from the first minute and that was news. Soon things began to happen that the team itself believed forgotten. That in the first parts you can also step on the opposite area, and throw corners, and even score goals. But Simeone finally trusted Vitolo again, gave him ownership, and every time he went into the area he broke his waist. That was enough not to throw so many first parts. So easy. Vitolo titular and intensity, the last thing was Cholo's first commandment not so long ago. Herrera was also in the eleven, ordered Atletico 4-3-3, with Vitolo and Correa squires of Morata, Saul Carrilero left-handed and central in defensive phase, in which Koke occupied the left side. There was a reason. Opposite Machin appeared in the Metropolitan with Espanyol brandishing Kryptonite: a scheme of three plants. His lanes were two right-handed, Victor Gomez on the right to find holes for Saul and Javi Lopez with a changed leg. Everyone slipped Vitolo.

Shield / Athletic Flag

Because Vitolo came, came, sat a couple of rivals and still rubbing his boot. It was the 20th minute when a filtered pass was taken for Morata that could bring that improvement to the scoreboard. I left him only before Victor Lopez, the goal at his feet. But he thought too much and seemed too easy and when you think too much and it seems too easy this happens: your chopped shot, out. Atleti played, he had chances but the usual problem: he doesn't convert them. From that moment on, Espanyol began to grow.

A Espanyol who lost Naldo by injury on that play and who had a plan: wait patient error. Every time he approached the Oblak domains, tragedy was chewed. I was there. That this Atleti no longer defends as before and sometimes Felipe and Hermoso tremble too much, and sometimes it is easy to find a hole with lateral centers. Darder was found with a shoe from outside the area that filled the air with light whistles. Thomas began to wander. He had failed. He risked a delivery too much and gave the ball to Espanyol. Rest was approaching and Atleti accumulated so many men inside that he got stuck. Saul did what he could, sacrificed, but what he can on the side is always less than what he would give in his place. Erratic Koke, without a jerk. Simeone applauded Thomas, as if he could rip out the zombie gesture, return him to the game. He succeeded when the first part discount. Thomas raised his head, saw Morata to whom he sent the ball. This time he didn't think. And how he did not think he took a genius from the boot, a center that flew in parable to the goal of Diego Lopez. Correa put his head in the end to send it to the network but Simeone lamented: the referee, Gil Manzano, first match to Atleti after the expulsion of Costa in the Camp Nou, canceled it, out of play. But he got a beep in his ear, it was Mateu, in the VAR. Morata was not offside. It was goal. The slight beeps vanished. Atletico turned them into applause as soon as the second part began.

Shield / Flag Espanyol

And that started with VAR suspense. David Lopez hit Felipe in the area with a blow to the face and Gil Manzano threw himself five long minutes watching the play on the screen. Missing Felipe. Atletico did not get cold. The second parts are his and Correa danced, Vitolo followed his own, filtering balls as a dealer, and wherever you looked you saw Morata. The Atleti played and enjoyed. His goal was in the air. He chewed on the goal of Diego Lopez. It was Vitolo who opened the waters, of course, every minute that passes on the bench is a sacrilege. He leaked Morata another ball that he finished off first to shoot Diego Lopez. Sixth day followed by marking, blessed streak. The Metropolitan cast in a proud applause and an ovation: "Vitolooo, Vitolooo, Vitolooo" When he retired, in the 74th minute, the audience was getting up from the chair as he passed, and then whistled the change to Cholo: Lemar entered. Atleti wanted to sleep the game, thinking of fifteen quiet days of break, although in Granada he will be missing Saul and Thomas after seeing the fifth, but Espanyol had not died, he had several cons with which to fill the seats with fear. Because Oblak doesn't look like Oblak in the last games but another goalkeeper, less holy, more deadly, and David Lopez tied but the referee annulled Koke for a foul in the area and in the Costa discount, which had come out for Morata, won the bottom line and focused on the area, Herrera, ready, let it pass for Koke to finish off alone and the Metropolitan merged again into a standing ovation. To his captain. To the team. After the nerves, Leverkusen, the whistles, the team in the grass represented him again. Corajudo and intense, he had turned the game, Espanyol and the last days of rain.


Didac (17 ', Naldo), Campuzano (58 ', Wu Lei), Oscar Melendo (71 ', Victor Sanchez), Lemar (74 ', Vitolo), Diego Costa (79 ', Morata), Marcos Llorente (88 ', Strap)


0-1, 37 ': Darder, 1-1, 45 ': belt, 2-1, 57 ': Morata, 3-1, 90 ': Koke


Referee: Jesus Gil Manzano
VAR Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz
Naldo (47 ', Yellow) Saul (59 ', Yellow) Campuzano (63 ', Yellow) Thomas (84 ', Yellow

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