Atletico-Espanyol | Saul and Thomas can play against Barcelona


Gil Manzano showed Saul the yellow card in the 60th minute of Atletico-Espanyol. The rojiblanco left-side today fulfills this warning cycle and will miss the next Atletico match in LaLiga, which will be against Granada. Until this match, the ilicitano had been the only player of Atletico who had played all the minutes that take the 2019-20 season. Against Espanyol, Saul has started the game as a left back again. Last season was a position in which he played many games, some of them complete, given the casualties that the team came to have in that position.

Lodi is the only natural left side of the template, but its timing is not optimal. Simeone already announced in the previous one that the Brazilian defender has joined the team well, but a moment has come down and, before that, he has again opted for his wild card. Saul has already acted as a left back this season. It has also made it a pivot, its natural position, and other positions in the center of the field. Even this season has come to act in some passage as a second striker. He will not be able to be against Granada, after the stoppage of selections, but he will be able to play the next match in the championship during the Barcelona visit.

Thomas, will also be low against Granada.

Saul will not be the only casualty by penalty of Atletico for the clash against Granada. In addition to the ilicitano, Thomas also saw the yellow in the second part of the match against Espanyol. The Ghanaian also played warning and, thus, can not be against the Nasrid team, but his presence in the clash against Barcelona is assured. For the match against Granada, Atletico expects to recover Savic, Gimenez and João Felix, who are still injured.

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