Atletico Guardes track their eighth pass in Switzerland


Drafting sports, Nov 10 (EFE) .- The Mecalia Atletico Guardes on Sunday put their pass to the next round of the Women's Handball Challenge Cup after beating the DHB Rotweiss Thun SPL (17-25) at home match that uneven midway through the second half when he acquired a four-goal income.

Supported in his defensive work, the Galician team soon took command of the game. The girls of Jose Ignacio Prades took a four-goal income (2-6, min.6), although a double exclusion to Sampere and Urban damaged Atletico Guardes. Equality returned to the scoreboard (7-8).

He hit another stretch on Atletico Guardes (7-10), but an attack jam oxygenated an opponent who had bet many minutes, without much success, for playing without goalkeeper in attack (11-12, rest).

Thun (15-14) got ahead, but a notable defensive improvement and Marisol Carratu stops returned to command Atletico Guardes, who entered the final ten minutes with the qualifying on track. The return will be played next weekend at A Guarda.

– Data sheet:

17 – DHB Rotweiss Thun SPL (11 + 6): Nora Gerber, Laura Rotondo (6), Adriana Lehmann (2), Milena Kaeslin (2), Kira Zumstein (5), Sibylle Peronino, Lisa Gerber, Karmen Korenic, Emily WeinekOtter , Sophie Strupler, Jana Vanessa Karlen, Noelle Frey, Emilia Eberhart (1), Michelle Schmied (1).

25 – Mecalia Atletico Guardes (12 + 13): Meriem Ezbida, Africa Sempere (2), Sandra Marques (5), Martina Mazza (1), Carmen Campos, Lorena Perez (3), Sara Bravo (2), Estefania Barefoot, Paulina Perez (7), Patricia Lima (4), Cristina Barbosa, Rosario Urban (1), Sarah Valero, Carla Gomez and Marisol Carratu.

Marker every five minutes: 0-2 / 2-5 / 5-8 / 6-8 / 8-10 / 11-12 (rest) / 12-13 / 15-14 / 15-16 / 15-19 / 15- 22 / 17-25.

Referees: Edin Kulovic and Vedad Skaljic (BIH). They excluded Rotondo and Schmied from the locals, and Sempere, Urban and Gomez (2) from the visitors.

Incidents: First leg of the third round of the Challenge Cup played in the Sporthalle Gott-helf of Thun before 400 spectators. EFE

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