ATP – Finals> Federer: "Sometimes people do too much, they forget we are only tennis players"


In an interview given to the Argentine daily newspaper The Nacion At Basel's ATP 500, at home, Roger Federer returned to many points starting with the hysteria that can prevail when he arrives in a city or a tournament. Although honored by all these supports, Switzerland finds that some praise is sometimes disproportionate as the fact of calling it "god": "I think I get a lot of superlatives, a lot of exaggerations about my game and my career. Sometimes people do too much, they forget that we are only tennis players and they want you to believe that you are a god and in this country, Switzerland, we are not really going in that direction, we are not in the hype, " launched the world number 3 before briefly mentioning the press"If I look at the last 20 years and my relationship with the press, there have always been articles that I did not really understand, but that's fine. I always feel motivated to talk to reporters and try to tell them a good story so readers can enjoy it. "

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