Audiences 20h: Anne-Claire Coudray's newspaper shows one million more than France 2


Last night TF1 and France 2 each presented their edition of the television news of 20h. On the front is Anne-Claire Coudray who was at the controls and on France 2 it is Laurent Delahousse who presented. On C8, it was the second part of the Great Darka as now every Saturday.

The 20h news
28.7% market share

5,560,000 viewers

The 20h news
23.2% market share

4,548,000 viewers

Scenes of households
14.3% market share

2,912,000 viewers

All the sport
5.8% market share

1,175,000 viewers

The big darka – Part 2
3.2% of market share

654,000 viewers

The mysteries of love
2.6% of market share

513,000 viewers

C Weekly (Part 2)
2.2% of market share

440,000 viewers

The little story of France
2.2% of market share

428,000 viewers

Veterinarians, their lives live
1.5% market share

304,000 viewers

Canal Sport Club
1.5% market share

275,000 viewers

The super blooper
1.3% market share

241,000 viewers

The top market share

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