Aulas threatens not to play OM-OL


The bus Lyonnais was stalled when he arrived at the Velodrome and Jean-Michel Aulas was furious, threatening not to play OM-OL.

Will the OM-OL shock be canceled? There is little chance, but Jean-Michel Aulas is in any case very reassembled. The OL bus was stalled on his arrival at the stadium, as tweeted, photos in support, several journalists present on site.

"Never again, we've been ambushed … if it continues, we will not play …"even dropped the Lyon president when he left the bus in remarks reported by La Provence. "We received bottles and full cans, the driver of the Lyon bus told RMC. The players were scared. It's a scandal unworthy of a big club! "

Before the match, safety instructions had been passed to OL according to La Provence to barter their Lyon-style buses with an unmarked goal, for more discretion. Believing that his team had to move with his bus everywhere, Jean-Michel Aulas refused this request. This obviously does not justify projectiles.

Update at 8:19 pm: the OL communicated on the incident of the bus and specifies that Jean-Michel Aulas "had to alert the match delegates about the risk of endangering the physical integrity of players, coaches and referees."

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