Aurore Berge believes that the initiators fight "for a political Islam"


Ten days after its publication, the platform calling for a march against Islamophobia this Sunday never stops to run the ink. BFMTV's guest this Sunday, the spokeswoman for La Republique en Marche (LaREM) Aurore Berge denounced the holding of this march, which divided the left.

The Yvelines MP criticizes the use of the term "Islamophobia", which is the subject of a semantic debate. For the signatories of the platform, it is "a form of explicit racism that targets people because of their faith", which refutes Aurore Berge.

Debate on the term "Islamophobia"

"Talking about Islamophobia is not denouncing racism, it is forbidding to criticize a religion," said the elected. "We have the right in our country, and fortunately, to have a sharp critical mind that allows us to criticize religions.In contrast, in effect, racism is not an opinion, it is a crime", she added.

A difference in size that crystallizes disagreements, the heart of the political riots of recent days. "It is unacceptable that people in France are discriminated against because they have such or such religion or culture, but in fact as they (the initiators of the call, Ed) have chosen this term, they knew deliberately that this term would not bring together those who are fierce Republicans ", adding that they" want to fight for a political Islam ".

A conception on the same line as that expressed by Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, who Thursday denounced a "lamentable" initiative, and a march that was "a way to fight against secularism using arguments that are not worth ".

Malaise among the signatories of the call

Aurore Berge also referred without naming the retropedalages of some signatories of the forum published in Release:

"No man or woman politician can agree to sign a tribune without reading it, either they have read it and they have accepted the slogan of the tribune or they have not read it and have not read it. is serious in terms of the political seriousness one should have. "

A tackle that seems addressed directly to the ecologist Yannick Jadot and deputies Francois Ruffin and Adrien Quatennens, who after signing the rostrum have changed their tune. Ruffin admitting having signed it distractedly on vacation, Quatennens and Jadot recognizing everyone that they did not agree with all the terms used. All three announced that they would not be walking.

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