Austria – German wants tougher punishments at antisem. attacks


Currently, rather low penalties for anti-Semitic incidents would cause the threshold for imitation offenders is low, German argued his demand for changes in the penal code. "I do not know judgments that are a deterrent," said the ICG President, who still feels quite secure in this country. So there are threatening letters and AnpObelungen, "was really hurt, thank God in Austria, no one yet".

A German own anti-Semitism commissioner, as in Germany, does not consider German necessary, but: "There must be some action where everyone is involved." From the head of state and government to the media, cultural workers and churches to the civilian population, everyone should "fight this cancer" and say "anti-Semitism is a no-go". An anti-Semitism observatory with a biannual report is also possible.

The IKG president very well identifies a strong increase in anti-Semitism, which is divided into four groups: In addition to right and left groups, refugees are often involved, "who have already had antisemitism implanted in baby food in the Arab countries". Even some Turkish people, who are strongly influenced by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he is one of the four groups.

The IKG does not maintain a relationship with the freedom people at all. The reason given President German incidents such as the appearance of another song book of a fraternity, which also belongs to the National Councilor Wolfgang Zanger. "By the way, I would not call that an isolated incident any more. Please, this is a system," said Deutsch, who makes the absence of such incidents a condition for a discussion basis for at least a year.

A good relationship stressed German to the other "half" of the former turquoise-blue government, the OVP under Sebastian Kurz. He was credible in his commitment to the Jews and Israel. Likewise the head of the Islamic religious community in Austria (IGGO).

The Freedom Party, meanwhile, accuse Oskar Deutsch of an "almost childish refusal to talk". "Unfortunately, Mr. Deutsch does not strike this path of free and polite discourse with us," regretted Secretary General Christian Hafenecker on Sunday.

"After the monstrously terrible genocide against Jews during the Nazi era, the Jewish community deserves our increased and special protection," said Hafenecker. The memory of this epoch is as important here as the open conversation. That the FPO and its voters are anti-Semitic minded, said the liberal Secretary General "in the strongest terms".

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