Austria stumbles for a lucky home win against Mattersburg


The 2: 1 against the Burgenlaender was everything, just not a gripping football game. But Violet scores important points, but six are missing on the championship play-off. Fans criticize the club board and for the first time Peter StOger.

Austria home games are still no highlight. The game falters, the stands are filled with yawning emptiness, and resentment runs through the entire stadium over the hitherto completely messed up season. After all, Violett landed now after two defeats last victory, against SV Mattersburg stumbled the team of coach Christian Ilzer 2-1.

Grunwald (14th) and Ebner (50th) scored for Austria, but the first goal by Burger (77th) caused chaos at the hosts. Ilzer was on the sideline and shouted that another point loss would finally have forced the club into relegation. Austria saves three points, but is six points behind Hartberg, who sits in sixth place. There are still eight rounds to play until the division into the championship play-off and qualifying rounds. The Mattersburg are after the fifth defeat in a row penultimate.

The fiercely competitive work wonders Austrias trailer but not milder. The organized fan scene renounced throughout the game on cheers and instead presented at regular intervals various banners on which the club leadership – especially AG CEO Markus Kraetschmer, but also the sporting director Peter StOger and Ralf Muhr – were strongly criticized. An example: "To hide your mistakes, you are trying to ruin the fan scene! Board out! "

Talk evening for 19 euros

For the first time since his return to the distribution circle Peter StOger was the target of criticism. Photographers of the fan club were deprived of the accreditation for the game against Mattersburg, even the sale of fan club utensils was prohibited on this day of the match as a punishment for the smoke clouds and thereby caused a minute-long interruption against Lask.

In return, the Klamme club his supporters for November 19 a discussion evening with the sports director have made in prospect – for 19 euros per capita. "Fans, Fans" baptized the talk, including drinks and cold food. The international match against Latvia would then be seen. Apparently nobody had the appetite for it on Austrias fan stand, on a banner: "19 euros for a conversation with Peter StOger? The NOstlinger has already told for less fairy tales! "

The Viennese football also offers entertainment away from the playing field. But how does the narrative end at the distribution circle? The 2: 1 continues to give hope, Ilzer received two weeks rest. And he has time to file on his 4-2-3-1 system during the international break


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