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Matanzas, Nov 10 (ACN) The workers of the Bank of Credit and Commerce (Bandec) in the province of Matanzas, are available to customers to explain questions related to the gradual process of changing the key (PIN) of the magnetic cards which will begin on the coming day 13 throughout Cuba.

Ailan Lozano, Manager in Communication and Marketing, explained that the ATM will show the screen that will allow the change of PIN, an action that will allow, in the future, to use that code for operations at Point of Sale Terminals (POS or POS) and facilitate purchases.

Customers can reach any branch of Bandec to find answers related to the magnetic card, also called a network card, Lozano insisted-, although the option suggests changing PINs, if the user wishes, he can keep the same one he already knows and uses.

The procedure does not affect the current operation in ATMs, POS and other payment channels, it will be an exercise

unique, easy to carry out, which will contribute to a more agile payment in the POS by using the PIN when this way of operating is enabled in 2020, Lozano explained.

Changing the password to use it in the POS in the future will facilitate purchases as long as the client will not have to hand over his identity card, nor will the shopkeeper collect personal information on the voucher, save time and gain security, the specialist said.

Carmen Cecilia Espi Soto, head of the Department of Electronic Banking of the Provincial Directorate of Bandec in Matanzas, reported that more than 118,000 people have Bandec's magnetic card in the territory, a figure that is gradually increasing as part of the process of computerization of the society.

The PIN change option will not appear on the 13th for all cards, it will be a gradual process, the customer can perform the operation when using the cashier and the blue screen that enables the process for their case is displayed.

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