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We know Monthey's difficult move, he turned into a nightmare for the Geneva Lions, beaten 77-65 Saturday at Le Reposieux. A defeat – the first of the season after six successes in a row – all the more stinging that it is without appeal: applied, solid, relying on their trio of foreigners and on a very good Noah Anabir, the Valaisans took advantage of a catastrophic performance of Adnan Chuk's men to celebrate a success nonetheless guaranteed at the end of the game only.

"We passed completely by. In a day without the address, the team did not assume its status and did not live up to the event. It's hard to bring out something positive, "thundered President Imad Fattal. The fact is that nothing or almost nothing has worked for Lions who, struggling in the domestic game, have focused on long-range trials. A choice doomed to failure when precision is so lacking.

A statistic is enough to reveal the crux of the problem: the Genevans ended the game with an incredible 4 out of 30 (13%) at three points! And at shorter distance (14 out of 35 to 2 points), the balance sheet is not famous either. Adding to this a difficult half-time start, with a 9-4 in the 4th and especially, when returning to the field, a first point scored after … 4'48 '' of play, as well as some insufficient individual performances, and one will easily understand the damage.

Too "comfortable"

Admittedly, the team of very young coach Patrick Pembele (27 years) is the best defensive SB League, with 65 points conceded per game on average, but this is obviously not enough to explain the sinking of Geneva. "We've been too comfortable so far, it was purring. It had to change … It's unfortunate, "said President Fattal, who even described as" unacceptable "the delivery of his family in Monthey and called for immediate questioning.

This one is essential, since the Lions will welcome nothing less than Friborg Olympic Saturday to the Apple tree. "I'm waiting for a big reaction. What happened Saturday can happen once, not two. We want the victory against Freiburg and we will have it! "Chanted the leader. We want to believe it, but Adnan Chuk will have to refurbish the morale of his troops. Probably based on the fact that it was not the real Lions that we saw in Monthey.

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