Basualdo: "If Gallardo is bothered by what Roman said, may he win the Club World Cup"


Juan roman riquelme opened the game by mentioning that Marcelo Gallardo he is "a genius", but "he did not win everything" because the Club World Cup he was not won, nor "competed". The coach's response from River He soon arrived and mentioned that it does not match "neither with the genius nor with that" did not compete.

The controversy went on and a new actor appeared who opined about it. Is about Jose Basualdo, champion of the Intercontinental Cup -replaced later by the Club World Cup- in 1994 (with Velez) and in 2000 (with Mouth).

"Everyone gets angry, but it's the reality. I was just watching that on a television show. If Gallardo bothers you, let him win it and show it and if not, keep participating ", shot "Pepe" in dialogue with LM Neuquen.

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