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The Batisenal is a classic element in the comics of DC Comics and their respective adaptations to the cinema. But does it have any function? How does it help to see the symbol of Batman in the dark sky of the city of Arkham? A user in Reddit thinks he has found the answer, but we anticipate that it is quite dark.

The user randomusername0213 has the theory that the signal of Batman It is a kind of silent alarm to warn criminals that the Batman is close.

“It seems ineffective to turn to a guard making a light shine in the sky. There is a great possibility that I will not see it, or notice it in time to stop the criminal ”explains in Reddit.

"My theory is that the bat signal itself does not apply to Batman, but it is a warning to criminals, like saying “we call it (a Batman), now you have the opportunity to leave everything, go back home and change your life ”, is a silent alarm mechanism within the signal that sends the computers directly Batman", say the text.

Did the explanation convince you? Leave us your opinion in the comment box to know what other uses the Batisenal has.


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