Bayern: Hoeneb provides a bizarre moment in the "double" – and announces further attacks


Bayern president Uli Hoeneb provides with a spontaneous call at the "double pass" for a TV hammer. Reason for his appearance: the criticism of Hasan Salihamidzic.

  • At the Sunday football debate on the "double pass" was the Bayern and the role of sports director Hasan Salihamidzic topic.
  • Tenor of the Round: "Brazzo" comes after the alpha Hoeness and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge barely to advantage.
  • Suddenly Bayern President Uli Hoeness was on the phone line and was upset about the discussion about Salihamidzic.

Update from November 10, 2019, 5:40 pm: After his call in the middle of a TV talk show has Uli Hoeneb similar actions for the period following his presidency FC Bayern announced. "The one or other journalist will have to put up with now, that I extend the department attack again, now that I have then no official function," said 67-year-old on Sunday evening after the victory of the Munich basketball against Alba Berlin.

Bizarre scene in "double pass": Hoeness wants to repeat action

In the evening he replied to the question of whether in the future he would have more such calls: "Yes, I have already announced the gentlemen. Whenever I hear and see something inordinate, I will guard the club like a mother. "Hoeneb joins the AGM Bayern on Friday no longer as a presidential candidate. He will then remain a simple member of the Supervisory Board in Munich.

Bizarre scene: Angry live call on "Doppelpass" – Hoeneb releases steam on TV – Video

Munich – In the last days as Bayern President takes care of Uli Hoeneb again for a real TV-Hammer! As on Sunday morning the panel of experts in the Sport1– "one-two" the current coaching debate and the role of sports director Hasan Salihamidzic Discussed at the German record champions, announces suddenly presenter and former Bayern player Thomas Helmer that he is none other than Hoeneb personally handset have.

With "Uli, what is on your mind?" Helmer introduces the still-president in the round. And Hoeneb comes straight to the point: "I have the following in my heart: That big part of the round itself totally disrespectful comment on Hasan Salihamidzic here. "

Hoeneb defends Salihamidzic on a "double pass": "Pavard, Hernandez and Davies have grown up on his own"

The following is a plea for the previous work of "Brazzo": "I have to say honestly: Hasan has done a good job this year. Let me remind you that the transfers of Pavard, Hernandez and last but not least Davies have grown on his own, and we are happy to have made sensational transfers with these three players. "

In fact, the Bayern sporting director in the round, Michael Rummenigge, ex-Bayern player Thomas Strunz, Marcel Reif, ex-Schalke professional Sascha Riether, Kai Traemann (picture) and Marco Fenske (RND) attended, not good away. The tenor of the experts: Salihamidzic comes after the alphatiens Rummenigge and Hoeneb to advantage.

Bayern President Hoeness at the "double pass": "It is outrageous how he was talked about"

Too much for Hoeness, who spontaneously picked up the phone to let off steam on the phone. "That he is not constantly mentioned between Karl-Heinz and me is clear. But he comes in the public perception too bad way. It is outrageous how he was talked about, as if he did not exist. Especially in the last weeks, in all these decisions, he was fully integrated and made a very significant contribution. With him, we will have a lot of fun at Bayern, "Hoeness said upset.

Hoeneb counters "double-pass" invitation: "Must see what quality is invited"

Helmer then took advantage of the opportunity and hooked on Hoeneb, as the current state of Salihamidzic and a promotion to the sports committee loud. "That's one thing on the agenda tomorrow on the board, and tomorrow after the board meeting, we can tell you exactly what was decided. We are a pretty democratic club. "

When Helmer then invited Hoeneb to make an invitation for the coming Sunday, the 67-year-old countered quickly: "Then you have to see what quality is invited."

After he had vented, he said goodbye as suddenly as he had called: "I wish you a nice morning! All the best! Bye!"

Incidentally, before and during the Bundesliga, there were some riots among rival fans in the Allianz Arena.


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